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Time for some indulgence, without alcohol!


Gingeru is made with the very best, carefully selected ingredients. Only Peruvian ginger is used for our ginger juice.


Gingeru is the exclusive basis for all kinds of drinks, from breakfast beverages to late night mocktails or cocktails. Just one shot, mixed with water, or for a special version, with tonic water.

It goes with everything.


It's time to treat yourself and enjoy the unadulterated good taste of organic ginger juice. Although you might think otherwise, Gingeru contains no alcohol and of course no artificial aromas, colorants, flavours or preservatives.


Shake, mix and enjoy. Before you know it, you'll be helping yourself to another one​..

Gingeru, it’s all about U


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Gingeru Low Sugar and High Fiber 490ml

This new mix contains no added sugars, but has lots of flavour!

Very suitable for mixing with tonic or other cold drinks.

Contains: 48% Ginger juice

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Gingeru Pineapple 490ml

Gingeru Pineapple is ideal for quickly serving up a delicious mocktail.

Contains: 30% Ginger juice, 45% pineapple juice

100% Organic Gingeru Natural 490ml

With Gingeru Natural a delicious drink can be easily made.

Suitable for cold and hot drinks.

Ginger tea is made in no time with this delicious ginger juice.

Contains: 58% Ginger juice


It's all about U



Discover our premium Ready-To-Drink ginger selection.


Lime/Ginger 250ml:

A delicious non-alcoholic drink with the spicy taste and aromatic scent of lime sweetened with honey and with the addition of kuzu.

Contains: 79% lime juice, 19.3% flower honey, 5.4% ginger juice and 0.4% kuzu


Mango/Ginger 250ml:

The surprising combination of spicy ginger juice and the sweetness of juicy mango with a touch of honey.

Contains: 83.5% mango nectar, 6.9% flower honey, 5% ginger juice and 0.3% kuzu


Orange/Ginger 250ml:

A fresh composition with the characteristic taste of ginger and orange juice.

Contains: 84.4% orange juice, 7.7% flower honey, 5.8% ginger juice and 0.2% kuzu

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Passion Fruit/Ginger 250ml:

A good combination of the sharp taste of ginger and fresh/sour passion fruit.

Contains: 78% passion fruit juice, 15.6% flower honey, 6% ginger juice and 0.4% kuzu


Pineapple/Ginger 250ml:

The fresh, sweet and sour taste of pineapple in combination with ginger and honey makes this non-alcoholic drink a complementary addition to your range.

Contains: 85% pineapple juice, 7.7% flower honey, 5% ginger juice and 0.3% kuzu



Our Ready-To-Drink selection contains a small amount of kuzu. Kuzu is an ingredient extracted from the root of the kuzu plant which has

been used in Asian Cuisine

for centuries. 


While enjoying a bottle

of Gingeru, feel free to

search the internet to see

what is being said about

kuzu, and maybe open a second bottle.

Gingeru Ready to Drink


We place special emphasis on the quality of our products. It is fair to say that we are exceptionally strict when selecting our raw materials. Everything, absolutely everything, is checked and double-checked; not only before bottling, but also once in the bottle. It is no surprise and not without reason that we are IFS certified.


No artificial flavours

No preservatives

No artificial colorants

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Bee&Cee Food and Drinks is also a distributor of Ritchie Drinks

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